I simply feel nothing for you. I can hear your name and not cringe or cry. You’re just a person, not a very good person but that no longer affects me. I appreciate you though, you’ve shown me exactly what to avoid.

I do hate that you took my innocence and that you didn’t care but I wouldn’t change it. It’s part of me now. It gave me heart break but it also gave me a reason to look for something better.

Interview at Macy’s tomorrow. I’m very bad at interviews I have intense anxiety.

  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it

Honestly sometimes I wonder why I’m friends with you. You’re such a fucking bitch. I’m so over it. Got damn. Like fuck you. Yeah I have a guy in my life that doesn’t mean you can treat me like shit. Sorry my fucking happiness isn’t always because of you.

Title: Wet The Bed
Artist: Chris Brown
Played: 15037 times